Day Trips

Canterbury remains a pleasant place to visit when it comes to day time activities and many of these including shopping trips, out door exercises, walks and also the various museums.

One of the main shopping centres in the area is the White friars Canterbury which is well known for its fashion stores and can bring you shops such as Burger King, Boots, 3 stores, Ernest Jones, H&M and also HMV. They also have regular offers taking place at McDonalds, perfume shops and also the service industry sector as well. It is open seven days a week but it must be noted that on Sundays it closes at 2pm. Car Parking charges range form just £2 per hour and there are special rates for people with mobility problems.

Canterbury Minibus and coach hire can transport you to such destinations with ease and comfort, and at affordable prices.

Canterbury is really a small city and may be limited in terms of alternate markets compared to other cities but it is still a good place to get your shopping done. You could also try going to the Canterbury Farmers Market which is excellent for local shopping needs.